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Monthly Motivation (June 2020)

Well May 2020 will be a month remembered for a long time -- unfortunately, for the wrong reasons. We solemnly hope that justice is found for the killers of George Floyd and all other members of the Black and Brown community who have been been victims of racism and police brutality. Not all cops are bad; however, these issues resurface far too often to ignore that there needs to be some widespread, societal change. For those of us in communities that will never understand what it is like to be Black or Brown in the United States, we need to take the time to listen, respect and ignite change.

This months motivational proverb brings up the idea of silence and acceptance. It is no longer enough to simply not be racist -- we must be actively anti-racist and encourage others to stand up for our brothers and sisters.

Please remember to stay safe, peaceful and healthy -- do what you can to combat the spread of COVID-19 and racism in the United States and around the world


Kimya ni kukubalika

Silence is acceptance

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