You Can Make a Difference

The charity's growth has been consistently been because of the generosity of communities.  From the early beginnings to now, our growth only happens because of YOU.  Here is how you can help bring baseball to Africa...


Do you want to help collect baseball equipment?  Then consider starting a branch of Angels at Bat!  By forming a branch, you would be collecting equipment in your community to help grow the game of baseball in Africa.  To find out what it would take, click the button below:


Many teams struggle gathering funds, equipment, and jerseys in order to play.  Consider for you or your community team to sponsor an African team!  You or your team would communicate with an African team and exchange coaching strategy and help obtain adequate funds for various team expenses! Take the opportunity to spread generosity worldwide and sponsor an African team!  For more information click the button below:



Whether or not it is monetary or in terms of equipment, every donation helps!  Consider donating new or used baseball equipment that is sitting unused, collecting dust.  Empty out those garages and look for baseball equipment to send to Africa.  For more information about donating, click the button below:

(920) 634-6731 or (920) 406-6555

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