How do I donate to Angels at Bat?

To Donate money...

If you would like to help pay for the supplying of teams with equipment, uniforms, trophies, etc. then go to link below or visit the Sponsor-a-team tab.  This money will be used to grow the sport of baseball in countries throughout Africa.

















If you would like to donate money specifically for helping with shipping, we have generously been connected with American Friends of Kenya who allow us to ship equipment with them, go to the link below.  This money would be used to help American Friends of Kenya and subsequently helping Angels at Bat.




To Donate equipment...

If you're interested in donating equipment, please contact us via email/phone/text so we can organize a way to get the equipment!

     We ask of you to donate:

  • Gloves

  • Batting Gloves

  • Bats

  • Balls

  • Bases

  • Hats/helmets

  • Uniforms

  • Baseball/Generic Trophies

  • Cleats

  • Training equipment

  • Baseball education books/videos

  • All other items necessary to play/enjoy the game of baseball...

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