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South Africa

South Africa was the third country to receive support from Angels at Bat; the first shipment of equipment to South Africa was also in 2018.  Our South African equipment recipients have been immensely grateful and sought to spread the word of Angels at Bat to those around them.  We hope that this connection with South Africa allows for more connections to develop in Southern Africa.

The Beginning

We have had many people from South Africa request support from Angels at Bat.  Our first shipment to South Africa went to John Bullinger out of Cape Town, South Africa.  John is the coach of the Fish Hoek Dolphins, and is in a league with many other teams.

We have had many people reach out to Angels at Bat requesting equipment to be sent to various parts of South Africa.  Another connection we have developed is with Randall Thieras; Randy manages his local League

Sending Equipment

When someone reaching out to Angels at Bat has a connection to be able to get equipment to them, we gladly fulfill their equipment request as soon as we can.  This was the case with both Randy and John.  John had a relative travelling to South Africa to visit him, and we were able to coordinate with him to send equipment via his relative.  

Randy had a connection with another sports organization by the name of PS4L.  Randy connected us with this organization and we recently sent off equipment to get to South Africa.

Equipment Distribution

John Bullinger graciously received the donated equipment from Angels at Bat and also requested that we donate a banner so he can share Angels at Bat's story with others who need equipment.  The pictures below are pictures of John and his team with the donated banner and equipment.

The final picture is of Randall and his team accepting the donated equipment!

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