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After conversations with our parters, namely the coaches and players receiving the equipment we distribute, we learned that many African baseball fans search the internet for learning opportunities. Not only were our partner coaches using YouTube and Google to learn the nuances of the game we love, but they were using it to teach players of all ages. Creating and compiling educational baseball materials for use by African coaches and players therefore has become a priority! 

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African Baseball Coaches' Conference

To continue supporting our coaches in their journey to learning baseball skills and strategy, we hosted the first African Baseball Coaches' Conference (ABCC) from October 23rd-November 18th 2023. It consisted of four weeks of pre-recorded training materials, followed by a stimulating panel discussion strategizing how baseball can grow on the continent. All of these materials are pre-recorded and accessible below. We encourage you to look at and share these materials regardless of whether or not you attended the event!


How can you better understand baseball?

Baseball has grown immensely since Angels at Bat started distributing baseball equipment in 2014. One of the many things that the coaches and trainers we work with discuss needing is further training. It is with this in mind that we compiled training videos on YouTube that may help new and experienced coaches. Please navigate to the webpage linked below to explore the variety of resources we have compiled! If you have any other training resources that you suggest we add to this page, feel free to Contact Us!

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